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Songs about sex, death and god: a love story in 3 parts

The amalgamation of late nights watching horror movies, apathetic stand up routines and an ever evolving roster of personal heroes that may or may not be dead already. SOVIET//SHIKSA formed quietly in the winter of 2017.  

Compared to Acts like The Cramps, Nick Cave, and Morphine, SOVIET//SHIKSA's Christopher Shawn croons over shady, deserted musical landscapes that may or may not be filled with the rotting remains of old lovers and flames.  Christopher Shawn, who is backed by Ricky DeMeo on bass, Aaron Cates on drums and Madden Purcell on trumpet, awaits your presence and attention.

The first 2 parts of their debut EP series "Songs about Sex, Death and God" are out on every digital outlet ever through Back and to the Left Records. Go listen to them on Apple Music, Spotify or Bandcamp!