SOVIET//SHIKSA is the amalgamation of late nights watching horror movies, apathetic stand up routines and an ever evolving roster of personal heroes that may or may not be dead already. Screams fill your ears while gasoline and sweat permeate the air. Evoking thoughts of murder, wet dreams, and an overwhelming sense of doom. 

Encompassed by the afterglow of an aging hipster scene and stagnation brought on by gentrification, Christopher Shawn decided to step out from the back lines of songwriters and folk bands and into the spotlights of Nashville. A bassist by trade, he did his time playing music that had little to no meaning or substance. And now, in a city where all the bands want you to dance, rock out or have a good time, all he wants to do is scream at anybody that’s able to stand it. 

A former carnival barker and haunt performer, Christopher Shawn calls back to his days of terrifying strangers for nothing but the pure joy of it, and channels that same energy on stage. 

SOVIET//SHIKSA is a Southern Gothic Terror. Pure and simple. 

The debut EP series "Songs about Sex, Death and God" is out on every digital outlet ever. 

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